Doing what I love & loving what I do.

Specializing in labors of love.

The projects referenced here all have a common thread. They are deeply meaningful to the client on some emotional or psychological level and were chosen based on intrinsic merit.

Labor of Love - noun
1. work done for the sake of one's own enjoyment or of benefit to others rather than for material rewards:
He coached amateur baseball teams as a labor of love. As defined by

Projects most often stagnate when the complexities of reality overwhelm the illusions of desire. 2 Flowers Publishing diligently strives to turn the dreams of your heart into products of reality.


What 2 Flowers Publishing can do for you

2 Flowers Publishing is a sole proprietorship dedicated to the principle of  "doing what you love and loving what you do". I take a "no-nonsense" approach to solution engineering to deliver high quality products and services custom tailored to your specifications.


2 Flowers Publishing believes that knowledge is power and learning should be a lifelong activity. I have a BS in IT and an MS in Product Development from RIT, 4 patents, and over 15 years experience as a Systems Integration Engineer to bring to the table.


2 Flowers Publishing applies lean and agile methodologies to solutions engineering. Projects stagnate when the complexities of reality overwhelm the illusions of desire. Let me help prioritize your action items in order to set reasonable and achievable goals.


2 Flowers Publishing understands the importance of being true to ones vision and strives to produce results that meet the critical evaluation of your mind's eye. One-on-one consultation builds uderstanding of project goals and scope, while regular status updates keep you informed.


Whether you need document formatting and print preparation or custom website coding and aerial photography... I can create anything from project plans to marekting collaterals. If you have a problem to solve, let me provide you pathways to viable solutions.


Solution engineering is my speciality. Let me put my years of real world experience to work for you. Contact me for a consultation and we can decide together what publication or consultation services best fit your needs.


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Featured Publications

Dig & Dig Deep

Dig & Dig Deep is the true story of one embattled teenager whome destiny protected, and the path he walked to keep a WWII battlefield pledge alive.

From a small town in upstate New York to the fields of Bastogne and back again, private Richard "Dick" Arnold reconstructs his grueling journey as a front line foot soldier and combat radio operator in the European Theatre.

From basic training to his part in the liberation of Buchenwald, he experiences humanity's capacity for unimaginable cruelty... and great compassion.

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Turn Left

Turn Left was a labor of love from start to finish. One man's love of the sea... a father's love expressed in a story... and his legacy published through the love of his daughter.

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Project Samples

Check out some of the business websites I have customized using various free CSS website templates and resources.

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